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Web of Murder
by Jonathan Troy
Directed by Tonya Mashue

Having been confined to a wheelchair for many years, the ailing and irritable Minerva Osterman has turned her isolated mansion into a virtual prison not only for herself but for her spinster daughter, Stephanie, her long-suffering housekeeper, Nora, and her personal physician, Dr. Adler. Fearing that her death may be imminent, Minerva has drawn up her will and summoned her two nieces, Mary and Belle, so that she may confront all her possible heirs in person and watch their reactions as the will is read. She asks her nieces to come alone, but they arrive with their respective fianc├ęs, whom Minerva grudgingly allows to stay. Before revealing the contents of her will, however, she has the mysterious Dr. Adler put her into a hypnotic trance, during which she picks up a deck of cards and turns over the three of clubs, the card of death. Her prediction is that someone in the room will die before the weekend is over, a prediction that comes true when she herself dies of a spider bite. After that, more bodies turn up, and fear and suspicion grows among the remaining. The will disappears, a diabolic plot is revealed, and then, at last, the murderer is unmasked in a chilling, exciting climax that is held off until the final perilous moments of the play.


Stephanie Osterman - Alex Schulte

Minerva Osterman - Kaitlin Diemer

Nora Osterman - Kathy Hanes

Mary Hamilton - Haley Mashue

Belle Hamilton - Kayleigh Erickson

Keith Latimer - Geo Hernandez

Pete Martinelli - Ben Hanes

Dr. Adler - Spencer Tomlin

The Man - Jeff Moesler


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